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 help our customers to give, even if they can't make it to a fundraiser.  Several times throughout the year, we will feature on this page, a fundraiser that is close to our hearts.   Thank you from the Pit Crew!

Mid October 2018, as I was leaving the veterinarian's office, I noticed a homeless man that was clearly having trouble walking.  I couldn't see what the issue was until he was past my car and could get a better view.  He didn't have on any shoes.  I sat there for a moment letting that sink in, and was so overwhelmed with the need to do something that I almost gave him the shoes off of my feet!  Since I knew my size 6.5 women's shoes wouldn't really fit, I knew something had to be done.   I realized in that moment how much I take the fact that I have shoes, for granted.

Starting November 1st, we are teaming up with Transform Burien, and will be launching Soles for the Souls.   We are collecting new, gently used shoes and socks for those in our area that need them.  Living outside in these elements, and not having shoes, can lead to a myriad of issues - sores on the feet that cannot heal is just one of them.  All of the shoes and socks collected will be taken to Transform Burien so they can get them to the people who need them the most. 

For those that would like to donate, but can't make it down, you can donate through this page.  Any monetary donations received will be used to purchase new shoes and socks, with any leftover going directly to Transform Burien.

At Pit Stop, we are passionate about giving back, that's why you will see us hosting several fundraisers a month.   In the last 4 years, we have helped raise over $80,000 for several different charities, thanks in large part to the generosity of our customers.  With that in mind, we have decided to launch this page, to

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